BOLERO / Mother's Story


"Impressive..., triumphal evening..., long lasting standing ovations."

Markíza, Bratislava


"A mirror of a Slavonic soul."

EL PAIS, Madrid


"Extraordinary project..."

Korzár, Košice


"Strongly emotional hit, a lot of people in tears..."

SME, Bratislava

About performance


The unique creative project that combines elements of classical drama and modern dance brings to the stage a dramatic story inspired by real events.

The uniqueness of this project lies primarily in a combination of dance and dramatic arts, in another attempt to find the right form of total theatre, in connection with the music of Maurice Ravel: Bolero.

Bolero is the final culmination, the final monologue of the mother begging for forgiveness. However, the performance will also include modern and original variations on Ravel s Bolero, being genre and dramatically adapted to the story itself. They have been composed by Michael Novinski -- the famous composer of scenic music.  


The main character will be stared by Anna Javorková.


Script: Peter Pavlac, Ján Ďurovčík

Music: Maurice Ravel, Michal Novinski

Scene and Costumes: Martin Černý

Direction and choreography:Ján Ďurovčík

Performers: Anna Javorková, Sandra Peron, Marianna Paulíková, Silvia Beláková, Petra Černová, Ivan Martiš, Ján Špoták, Vladimír Šoltýs

Premiere: Slovak Dance Theatre/Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid 2005

About director

Ján Ďurovčík

Študoval choreografiu na Vysokej škole múzických umení (VŠMU) v Bratislave pod vedením profesora Štefana Nosáľa a na Institute For Dance And Dance Instruction v belgických Antverpách. Jeho choreografie boli uvedené v Madride, New Yorku, Tokiu, Londýne, Krakove, v Antverpách a Amsterdame.

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