"Carmen in its 50 minutes provides much more emotions than any three hours lasting musical with heartbreaking arias."

Pavel Košatka,, Prague

"breathtaking unconventional choreography", Praha

”high extensions and dynamic precision”

Lisa Smith, LondonDance, London


The sold out theatre Kalich has enjoyed excellent performance, colossal final applause., Praha

About performance


Following the successful world tour with the Firebird performance, Slovak Dance Theatre presents a new title, Carmen. The story of unbound Andalusian gypsy girl and soldier Don José, we know from the story by the French writer Prosper Mérimée, takes place in Spanish background of the nineteenth century. However, this will be a Carmen outside a particular time and space. The culture, from which Carmen comes, has many features com- mon with the Slavonic and Slovak culture. “One of the reasons, why I am doing Carmen is that it is an emotional performance. I love emotional performances!” says Ďurovčík. Love story with tragic end, presented by dancers of SDT, represents the motional and philosophical stylization. It is the reunion of two worlds, philosophies: the liber- tine and conservative one. Their connection generates misunderstanding, which is the source of everything hap- pening on the stage. Once again, author is presenting the theme in the form of total theatre, where the emotion is mediated by the unity of music, dance and dramatic expression. He has respect towards the original libretto, his work is based on Ščedrin and Bizet. The basic plot, acting of characters is preserved as we know it, but at the same time is richly paraphrasing. The space is utilized for own interpretations. The main roles will be interpreted by Silvia Beláková and Viera Bieliková (alternation) and Ivan Martiš. An exceptional experience will be offered by the character of Escamillo, interpreted by the soloist of Lúčnica, Filip Takáč. He is dancing his escamillo-like role in a Slovak way. In Carmen of the Slovak Dance Theatre, there will be elements of folklore, but it will be nothing near to a folklore performance.

About director

Ján Ďurovčík

Has studied choreography at the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (VŠMU) in Bratislava, under the direction of professor Štefan Nosáľ and at the Institute For Dance And Dance Instruction in Belgian Antwerp. Later on, he acquired job as the solo dancer in the H. F. Dansetheatre Amsterdam and was teaching modern dance at the International Dance Stage Bornem in Belgium. In 1993, he founded the twelve-member Balet Torzo, which was the first attempt for a professional theatre of modern dance in Slovakia. He introduced his first full-length performance, Responsio Mortifera.

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