"standing ovation after standing ovation"

The Prague Post, Prague


"... one of the finest young male leads I have ever seen!"

Vanessa Threapleton, BBC


"... an immense pleasure from first to last..."

LondonDance, London



De Echo, Amsterdam


"the spectators spontaneously stood up from their seats and with more than 20 minute applause evaluated the work of the choreographer and the dancers"

SME, Bratislava


"Perfect emotion"

The Slovak Spectator, Bratislava


About performance



Dance theatre The Firebird, created for music of Igor Stravinsky, is one of the most successful works of Ján Ďurovčík. In his direction and choreography, it was firstly adapted for the Bratislava Dance Theatre (BDT) in 1997. Later, it was studied by the author with the Japanese collective, Tokyo Metropolitan City Ballet and presented in the National Theatre in Tokyo (2004). In the renewed, reworked and extended version, it is returning to viewers after four years. The show, performed by dancers of the Slovak Dance Theatre, is bringing impressing choreography, ambitious movement performances, and suggestive theatre experience.

The world-renowned story of Firebird, transformed from the world of fairy tales into the present reality, is the mirror directed to ourselves. It is re- minding the most natural aspects of human nature, we are often keeping off our sights. Together with the main character, we are entering the vicious country, inhabited by “ghosts”. People live here in constant fear from recognition of anything new. They are unable to think freely, to act independently, to make their dreams come true – to fly out. They are vegetating and in spite of that are not able to long for a change. The freedom of human spirit, obstructed by the most natural human features – as slowness, reaction and aversion against innovative worldview – is the basic motive of this dance theatre. It is recalling of forty years of forced lack of freedom of our “vicious” country, however, it is pointing also to the phenomena, which obstruct the flight in present times, threatening every society or person.

The Firebird is a dance-theatre performance, joining the play and dance in a compact unity. Combination of a timeless theme and contemporary choreography has the power to provoke the eternal desire for wings in every soul.



Libretto, choreography and direction: Ján Ďurovčík

Music: Igor Stravinsky

Music arrangement: Ľubomír Dolný

Costumes production: Veronika Kováčová

Assistant choreographer: Marianna Paulíková

Production: Slovak Dance Theatre

Lighting: Matúš Gazdík

Sound: Pavol Pogány - POGY

Construction and transport: Igor Melicherčík

Music publisher: Schott Music GmbH. Mainz

Performers: Marianna Paulíková, Silvia Beláková, Petra Černová, Soňa Hrončoková, Lucia Mankovecká, Ján Špoták, Ivan Martiš, Lukáš Onufer, Ladislav Cmorej


About director

Ján Ďurovčík

Študoval choreografiu na Vysokej škole múzických umení (VŠMU) v Bratislave pod vedením profesora Štefana Nosáľa a na Institute For Dance And Dance Instruction v belgických Antverpách. Jeho choreografie boli uvedené v Madride, New Yorku, Tokiu, Londýne, Krakove, v Antverpách a Amsterdame.

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