LABUŤKO / Inspired by Swan Lake


"... worth to see..."

SME, Bratislava


"famous effort"

Pohronie, Levice


"Is there an alternative way of expressing love?"

Pohronie, Levice


"... the dancers tear into the space with eruptive energy, balancing on the limits of safety.", Slovenská republika


"Ďurovčík bets on the each performer individuality...", Slovenská republika

About performance


Swam Lake is in the ballet world a synonym of virtuosity. This still touching fairy tale for adults is also the picture of functioning and hierarchism of ballet with exactly defined place of everybody – from the first soloist to extras. 


It is in fact a simple ballet microworld... And that has just become the basis of the story coming from the studio of Ďurovčík who is familiar with this world. He has become its part first as a dancer then as choreograph and director. He knows how long a dancer´s day is and how short his/her professional life is. 

The performance is particularly about fragile relationships of physically strong, but mentally hesitative people, spending most of their lives in the ballet hall. Four people and everyone loves someone else...

The choreography of Ďurovčík is traditionally unequivocal, legible and clear. He has focused again on impressive duets, he knows how to escalate individual pictures, to use the contrast, but stimulate the dancers to their maximum.


However, now the motion expression is significantly different from his previous works. It is fresh, inventive, tailored not only to dancers, but streaming from them. The choreographer and director Ján Ďurovčík has focused on uniqueness of each of the four actors: dancing virtuosity of Marianna Paulíkova, versatility of Jan Špotak, extraordinary vocal and motion talent of Nela Pocisková and brilliant acting and charisma of Marian Geisberg.


Script and libretto: Peter Pavlac, Ján Ďurovčík

Assistant of choreography: Marianna Paulíková

Music: Peter Iľjič Čajkovskij, Anton Popovič

Scene and costumes: Martin Černý

Direction and choreograaphy: Ján Ďurovčík

Performers: Marián Geišberg, Nela Pocisková, Marianna Paulíková, Ján Špoták

Premiere: Studio L+S, Bratislava 2007 

About director

Ján Ďurovčík

Študoval choreografiu na Vysokej škole múzických umení (VŠMU) v Bratislave pod vedením profesora Štefana Nosáľa a na Institute For Dance And Dance Instruction v belgických Antverpách. Jeho choreografie boli uvedené v Madride, New Yorku, Tokiu, Londýne, Krakove, v Antverpách a Amsterdame.

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